FAQ Toucans
What is a routine visit2018-09-24T09:18:47+00:00

As the landlord, you have a duty of care to maintain the property and to check that the tenant is looking after things for you, why not pick up a bottle of something or take a bottle of milk, make it a social visit, you’ll have happier tenants…

Who is responsible for repairs2018-09-24T09:04:35+00:00

As the landlord, in most cases (depending upon what is written in the Tenancy agreement), you will be responsible unless proved deliberate for most if not all repairs.

What is a guarantor2018-09-24T08:59:23+00:00

A guarantor is a parent or guardian who will underwrite your mortgage or rent.

Who checks the reference of the tenant2018-09-24T08:57:37+00:00

Take a look in the TSP directory, there’s a specific category all about reference checking.

How do I value my property2018-09-24T08:56:17+00:00

Take a look on portals and what has sold/let around you, this will give you the closest opinion you’ll need.

How can I protect myself from property fraud2018-09-25T13:39:42+00:00

With more and more elaborate and sophisticated hoaxers, there are many ways that you can protect yourself, your property will be registered with land registry, in which case, give them your email, so if anyone tries to meddle with your documents, you’ll know about it.

Do I pay stamp duty2018-09-24T08:52:03+00:00

As the seller no, as the buyer yes.

If I accept an offer on my property, can I still accept viewings2018-09-24T08:40:07+00:00

This totally depends upon what you have agreed with the buyer/tenant, it’s advisable to give some time to allow the process to start, you’ve both given time to the process, make sure to ask the right questions, to get the answers you want.

How much will it cost me to sell/let my property on UcaDO2018-09-24T08:38:50+00:00

There are no commissions or fees payable to UcaDO for transacting/listing your property, there may be associated TSP costs if you chose to use them.

How do I find a removal company2018-09-24T08:37:22+00:00

During your sale/let UcaDO will prompt you at crucial points in your journey to speak with the removal company to best assist your move.

How & when do I organise a solicitor2018-09-24T08:23:06+00:00

UcaDO will prompt you at just the right time within your listing or transaction, to engage and instruct a solicitor.

Who looks after the deposit2018-09-24T08:13:45+00:00

UcaDO has a number of TSP’s within the directory who all specialise in Tenancy Deposit Schemes, some are the more modern approach the others the original TDS schemes.

Is My Data Safe in UcaDO2018-09-24T08:11:49+00:00

We use the same servers and world banks and the same encryption as Twitter, Uber, Airbnb and Facebook.

Who does the viewings with UcaDO2018-09-24T08:07:11+00:00

The buyer/tenant will make appointments directly with you as the owner, if you would like to use the TSP directory to find a Host, they are there and raring to help you, if not – accept the viewing because, let’s be honest, no one knows your property as well as you do.

Can I sell my property with UcaDO, even if I am on with an estate agent?2018-09-24T08:04:57+00:00

You absolutely can, though be mindful of any terms the agent has made you sign, we won’t charge you a penny for the sale/listing, but they may, even when you have agreed the sale and done the viewings yourself, having found your buyer through UcaDO.

Are there any safety features which would stop someone from listing a property that wasn’t theirs on the marketplace?2018-09-19T19:05:58+00:00

There’s no real way you can, unfortunately, but it should be halted or flagged when it reaches the legal stage.

How do you vet TSPs? What criteria must they meet?2018-09-20T19:12:58+00:00

At the moment, we are gathering a lot of information about them. We are looking at user reviews, perhaps even calling their customers as well. We will also be monitoring UcaDO user reviews – and contacting TSP’s if they receive negative reviews as well as the UcaDO user who gave the review.

When will UcaDO be available on android?2018-09-19T19:04:11+00:00

We went with iOS first because it is the most rigorously tested app store. We expect it to be on Android by December.

What is UcaDO?2018-09-19T19:02:25+00:00

It’s an app – a free peer-to-peer property marketplace -without the need for a middleman or agents. We’re not saying agents are bad, but there are a number of people who would like to do it themselves. As well as connecting humans, we also offer them access to a wide range of service providers that could be needed.

Steps to selling your property2018-09-19T14:40:58+00:00
  1. Notify your mortgage lender
  2. Confirm how much is outstanding on your mortgage and if there are any early redemption fees
  3. Get a rough idea of the value of your property
  4. Consider what size mortgage you will need if buying a new property
  5. Do your research on the market and decide what price to list for
  6. List your property with photos and features
  7. Hire a solicitor or conveyancer for the transfer of ownership of your property
  8. Accept an offer
  9. Agree fixtures and fittings
  10. Agree the length of time between exchange and completion
  11. Exchange contracts – at this point both parties become legally committed to selling/buying the property
  12. Complete the sale by accepting payment and handing over the keys
  13. Your solicitor/conveyancer will arrange the transfer of the deeds for the property and ownership with the Land Registry
  14. Your solicitor/conveyancer will pay off your remaining mortgage
  15. If buying at the same time, your solicitor/conveyancer can settle both transactions at the same time, including paying stamp duty on your new property
  16. Settle up with your solicitor/conveyancer
Steps to buying a property2018-09-19T13:47:56+00:00
  1. Decide on your budget
  2. Research mortgage options
  3. Get a Mortgage In Principle
  4. Find your property
  5. Make an offer
  6. Confirm your mortgage
  7. Hire a solicitor or conveyancer to transfer property ownership to you
  8. Decide if you want a survey carried out and instruct a surveyor if you do
  9. Arrange a deposit (you need to arrange a deposit of 10% of the sale price)
  10. Agree a completion date with the seller
  11. Exchange contracts
    At this point, both parties are legally committed to buying/selling the property and you will lose your deposit if you pull out without due reasons
    You can only exchange contracts after the solicitor/conveyancer is satisfied with the searches, a formal mortgage offer has been received, and arrangements made for the 10% deposit
  12. Take out buildings insurance from the date of exchange
  13. Ensure you’ve negotiated and agreed all fixtures and fittings
  14. Complete the sale – this is the day you pay for the property and take ownership
  15. Take possession of your new home
  16. Pay stamp duty & settle up with your solicitor/conveyancer