Freshly baked bread

Freshly baked bread

An old wives tale - estate agency misnomer? Or a lot of sense...

There is a very specific and alluring smell to freshly baked bread - and food in particular (perhaps not wise to have a ferocious curry bubbling away or your favourite line caught fish, they give off very different aroma that are not necessarily inviting to all)

But Baking something: - a pie, or bread - maybe even some croissants if you have a viewer arriving on Saturday/Sunday morning, is something that your buyer will find most pleasant, the smell is one of comfort, also giving you a reason to allow them to wander around as you go and check it periodically.

Having an ice breaker at the beginning of your viewing - on both sides will do wonders, 'wow, what are you baking/cooking? it smells amazing' "some fresh bread, we seem to fly through it" - 'gosh so do we' "in fact we bought a new oven specifically for the task…." You can see how from your seemingly daily occurrence, enables your viewing to start well and gives a common ground of conversation.

There are few things in life that have universal conversational position, but food is one one them, when you then take a further step back, you are subliminally showing your viewer how easy the kitchen is to manage and how well it works as your focal point or 'heart of the property' - your viewer will most likely want to hear more about your kitchen and any future plans you have for it, so embellish if you have them.

As the viewer walking into a 'warm' property (not only by heat but by scent), you will almost certainly feel at ease with the seller and be able to start a discussion about their property - by merely asking about what is cooking/baking.

Remember as the buyer, you are looking to see how your life fits in a space (not their space anymore, as they are moving and have decided to sell), so get involved, ask where the things you want to know are: - if you like cooking, spend time in the kitchen, do some mind planning - no property is absolutely perfect, in fact, half the fun of moving is planning and making the new pad your home.

Your stamp is so important to visualise, can you see yourself making coffee in the morning for your loved one/ones, do you see your pets enjoying the space that is there?

Take a step back from the viewing and almost look at it from above, what would you say/do as a friend who was an on looker for you as the viewer?

You are choosing to make your home here, so it needs to either tick some boxes or give you a scene of calm and happiness.

So whether you are buying or selling, there is much to be gained by merely popping the oven on and making something yummy - if your not much of a cook nor enjoy baking, now is your chance to learn.

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