Who's afraid of the big bad wolf ...

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf ...

For many years - estate/letting agents have noted how dangerous the prospect of selling/renting your property is without the use of such.

It is noted for its crevasse like pit falls and total break down of security, allowing the general public into your life.

Strange then isn’t it, that once we all realised that the similarly noted horrors that bestow car selling, were nothing more than fear tactics bore from an ageing system and that the likes of Autotrader & We Buy Any Car - are indeed a modern and effective method of personal disposal; we all took to it like ducks water.

I’m not saying that you shouldn't take care and still make necessary precautions, but that is the same in all walks of life.

As the seller/landlord, you are ultimately in your own domain & territory, you know the property inside-out and as such have an innate confidence; what are the aspects that drew you in originally? What features have you added, what features have you taken away? In terms of adding appeal/value - what have you though of doing or had quotes on? What is the local area like, do you know about the schools/restaurants/surgeries, are there any clubs or societies specific to your location.

Find out from your buyer/tenant what has brought them to your property, by knowing this you are more likely to understand their position and give them a better knowledge of what you are selling. It is quite possible that they know the area and are up/down sizing - therefore who do you both know mutually? The area will already be sold to them, so finding a common ground to discuss is the way forward, this will build for a better sale/let.

When viewing as the buyer/tenant, it sounds daft - but manners and courtesy go a really long way, first things first, ask if they’d like you to remove your shoes, quite possibly they’ve been round the property a few times with the hoover and showing your appreciation in such a small gesture will gain you well deserved brownie points. Bare in mind that this is possibly their ‘home’ - so ask as many questions as you can, you may want their property for a specific reason, make sure that what you want can happen, such as school catchments, extending the property; it’s also worth asking about things like routes to work/schools, are there short cuts they know?

The most important aspect of the viewing is trust and understanding, the foundation of which - will run the course of your sale/rental.

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