To Tidy Or Not To Tidy...

To Tidy Or Not To Tidy...

Are you selling your home?

As a seller, it is long said that to sell your home - there is no need to change anything, as your buyer will see straight through it as a rouse. 

Imagine someone saying that to Pininfarina, or perhaps saying "there is no need to keep Harrods so immaculate, people will come in anyway".

So here it is, you perhaps have family, or are an incredibly busy business exec and tidying time does not fit into your roster, maybe you're somewhere in the middle and don't really see the need - alternatively, you maybe hugely house proud, to the extent of tidying up after people or as they enter your pad. There is nothing wrong with either lifestyle- as this is how you live and it is your life. 

Thinking on this point, don't what ever you do depersonalise your home, it is showing its own life, warts and all; there is a great honesty to property, no matter how hard you try - its true identity will shine through. If there are elements that you have wanted to change for your lifestyle for ages, don't do them just for the sale, it is your money and no-one can truly hand-on-heart tell you that said changes will make you money.

If there are elements that are downright dangerous, though you have lived with them as such - be prepared for the surveyor to pick them up, or perhaps, talk to a local builder and gain their opinion, this again will not add value, but it sure as heck won’t lose you value.

A home is exactly that - a predetermined notion, a nest, something that you have created. With that in mind, how would you like to see it, how did you first see it, what haveyou changed about it?

A home that is sparse and depersonalised (unless it is uber modern and contemporary in style) will give a feeling of coldness, where as, too much stuff and it will feel cramped, not allowing the rooms and space to be seen at its true potential.

If you have oodles of belongings, DON’T go on some ‘Spring Clean’ mission to start throwing things out, just grab some self storage during your move, it’s a great option and will give you time to go through your bits & pieces at your leisure.

As a buyer, you will see many properties, this is time for you to find where you want to be, size of rooms, locations of bathrooms and kitchens - but most importantly you are getting a glimpse into others worlds and tastes- how inspiring! Ask about paint colours or where kitchens were from and who does the decor in the property - not all will be your taste, but if you like it, but don't buy it, keep in touch - after all, buying, selling, renting, is a jolly personable thing and taste goes a really long way in all. Happy planning.

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