Selling your home? Here are the top tips from the experts

Selling your home? Here are the top tips from the experts

The optimum season to sell homes has already began!

For the past few weeks we've carried out a number of polls in our social media platforms which, topped up with research on this matter, have shed some light into which months are the preferred ones to sell homes. 

The best time of the year to sell a home has been a subject of discussion for some time, with different existing views on what time is the most favourable to sell a home. The results weren't surprising however and all things considered Spring seems to be the season of choice; Christmas is a thing of the past and holidays are a few months away, better weather encourage buyers to get out more and look at homes, kids are still in school and, for sellers, there is more time to last minute diy jobs in Easter.

With this in mind, if you are planning to sell your home in the coming months, we have put together some tips that we hope will make it easier for you to attract more buyers. 

Ucado Easter sell home 1

First: impressions

A neutral environment will assure that most potential buyers feel comfortable and even have room to use their creativity and form a mental picture of what could be their first or next home. This should be boosted by light flooding every room with sunshine, creating a more positive atmosphere.

So, with Spring being the favourite time make the most of it and open the windows and curtains; dark rooms and stuffy rooms can be a deal breaker!

The devil is in the detail

Small things like polishing door knobs, cleaning window sills, and making sure there are no marks at all on the walls, scratches on the floor or marks on the carpets can also make a big difference. The smallest details will be found to the curious eyes of potential buyers. 

Spring and the better weather will be on your side by giving you more time to do those little diy jobs. Thanks to the nice weather you will have more chances of opening the windows while you finish any paint jobs!

Get rid of any junk

Empty shampoo bottles, old plants, any clutter lying around that will take away from the minimalistic look that you are looking for will also help give the home a fresh look. At the same time, it will give any potential buyers a chance to imagine themselves giving the space a make-over to feel more at home. 

Last touches

If you are a smoker, the smell of tobacco can be overpowering, especially to those who don't. There are ways to get rid of the smell of tobacco, but make sure they don't mix with any lingering undertone of tobacco, cooking or fresh paint, this won't help creating the type of atmosphere that you need to attract potential buyers.

Only once you have managed to get rid of any lingering smells you can start thinking of using light scents with candles, or oils.

In the US it is common to bake bread or muffins which will provide that amazing smell to make any potential buyers feel at home instantly. 

Ucado Easter sell home 2

Ready, steady, shoot!

You will likely want to advertise your home in websites and this requires good photos to go with the advert. A trick to make the rooms more spacious is to take the photos in the corner pointing towards the door, at eye level. The image above has been taken from the far corner of the room, pointing toward the door and the windows, making it look more spacious. 


The image above is a good example of how to make a room more spacious and bring its features forward, with all the points above well represented here: the blinds are open, there is no clutter and furniture has been kept to a minimum to leave some space for the imagination. Doors are also left open to maximise the illusion of space and, very importantly, the photo has been taken at eye level in the corner directly opposite to the windows and the door. 

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Do you have any tips to sell homes? Use the comment section below, we would love to hear about them! Don't forget to share this blog.

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