Cheap Easter Treats For Students

Cheap Easter Treats For Students

When you head home this Easter Weekend, your family will probably greet you with open arms – ready to take your massive bag of laundry. Your slippers will be waiting by the door for you to relax in after a busy term at uni and the fridge will surely be bursting at the hinges in preparation for 4 full days of Easter feasting...

But wouldn’t it be nice to surprise your family with a bit of home baking this year?! If you’re already seeing pound signs and numerous failed attempts winding up in the bin – don’t worry – we’ve got all skill levels covered here (and they’ll cost you under £5!!)

Skill Level: Try it with your eyes closed 😉

Shredded Wheat Nests

Do you remember making chocolate crispy cakes back in school? Well, they’re an all time favourite for good reason – tasty, cheap and sooo easy to make. To create the perfect ‘nest’ try making them with shredded wheat and fill them with a few mini eggs for that easter twist. Sorted!

Skill Level: You can do this 🙂

Meringue Chicks

If you’re not already sold by how impressive these little meringue chicks look, then you will be when you see the list of ingredients! Sugar and eggs* – could they be any cheaper to make?! The trick is to whisk your meringue mixture until it’s really glossy, pop them in the oven, then comes the fun part – giving your chicks some personality with a touch of food colouring. Check out our Instagram story to see how we got on with our Meringue Chicks!

*Food colouring and vanilla essence are staple ingredients for any keen baker – we suggest you raid their cupboards for this part!

Skill Level: If you feel like a challenge 😬

Kinder Egg Cheesecake

Now here’s a recipe that will really take you back to your childhood. Again, this one only takes a few simple ingredients. The tricky part is getting the gelatine to set – but hold in there – it’s well worth the effort.

NB: You didn’t hear it from us, but you can actually get away with missing out the gelatine altogether... This will give you a light fluffy cheesecake, so make sure you add lots of chocolate!

Then for the best part – smashing the Kinder Eggs before you serve!

Enjoy the recipes and check out our do tag us in your pictures on Instagram! We’ll give a shout out to the best bake ;) Happy Easter!

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