Mother’s Day tips for students

Mother’s Day tips for students

The #1 thing mother’s miss as you go through uni – is you! So the best gift you can give her on Mother’s Day is your time.

It’s getting close to Mother’s Day and we’re all racking our brains for new ways to say “thank you for carrying us for 9 months, for all the years we lived at home and for your continued support (does the list ever really end?!)”. Then we check our bank balance and remember we’re students. So the holiday in Barbados is out of the question and instead you’re left choosing between a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers.

What now?

Well, the truth is that most mothers give selflessly and they’re going to appreciate any form of acknowledgement today. The number one thing mother’s miss as you go through uni, is you! So the best gift you can give her is your time. Here are a few suggestions that cost little or no money and are guaranteed to make your mum smile this Mother’s Day.


Share some of your favourite memories

Your mum loves it when she can see that you’ve put thought, time and effort into something. So gather your holiday snaps, instagram posts from days out together and the odd baby pic from the family album. If you like getting creative then buy a picture frame (raid your local charity shop to find a bargain) and get sticking! If the word ‘crafts’ scares you, don’t worry – sites like Moonpig and Funky Pigeon were built to help you out.


Send your mother’s day message ‘in person’

She’ll miss having face-to-face conversations with you whilst you’re away at uni so record a short ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ video and send it to her first thing in the morning – she’ll love waking up to the surprise and she can watch it back anytime. If a video feels like too much pressure, then why not set some time aside to FaceTime her throughout the day instead. And if you’re able to visit in person – even better!

Ultimately, that saying, “it’s the thought that counts”, really does apply when it comes to Mother’s Day. You might worry that you can’t afford the right gift or to visit your mother, but remember that she knows this, and she likely had a similar thought at your age. Never underestimate how much a simple “Happy Mother’s Day” phone call or card will mean to her. And if you have any siblings at home – make sure they do the household chores this Mother’s day ;)

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