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Is Your Property Perfect for the Generation-Y Market?

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We see all kinds of headlines pop up, announcing the ‘millenial housing crisis’ and that ‘millenials will never own a home’! However, statistics seem to suggest otherwise... Generation-Y homeowners actually leapt up to 36% in Spring 2018 – vastly becoming a major proportion of the market. This is a generation known for having endless options [...]

Things to know about the UK property market

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1. Is it a lack of land? Again, probably not. Only 1% of UK land is housing; of all the land in England only 10% is developed. Building 350,000 houses would only increase our housing stock by 1.3% per year, and would only involve building on only 0.01% of land annually. (source) 2. The capital currently has [...]

When is it best to sell your property?

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The Old Age Property Market Question Like everything, timing is everything! When it comes to selling your property, good timing can be the difference between a swift, easy experience and a long dreaded sell (or buy). Our own research, based on poll results and the experience of our developers, shows that Spring is the best [...]

London’s Historic Property Market

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A Look At London Property Development; Past, Present And Future. Like many century-old cities in Europe, London has always had periods of growth and recession. However, in London these periods are markedly intense, as the last two centuries show us. These periods always cause big changes to the landscape of the city and its different [...]