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Is Your Property Perfect for the Generation-Y Market?

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We see all kinds of headlines pop up, announcing the ‘millenial housing crisis’ and that ‘millenials will never own a home’! However, statistics seem to suggest otherwise... Generation-Y homeowners actually leapt up to 36% in Spring 2018 – vastly becoming a major proportion of the market. This is a generation known for having endless options [...]

4 Quick Tips for Viewing

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Define your viewing area/location early-on and take a compass with you, ‘think shade and light’ - Where will the summer sun be? Where does it rise and set? (Remember - rise in the east and set in the west!) Be open minded to what you can do with the space. Concentrate on location (you can [...]

3 Quick Tips for Sellers

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If you live alone and would feel more comfortable, invite a friend or neighbour to be present. In winter months with dark nights, it is advisable to have your partner or spouse at the property. Show the buyer/s around at a fair pace and when ready (usually the last room), explain that you will leave [...]

3 Quick Tips for Buying

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Take the whole house in, absorbing and listening to as much from the owner, then if you like it - make a second viewing and look again. Ask constructive questions to gain informative answers. Remember – it is their house, so learn from it, gain comparisons to understand ‘them’ more, you’ll need common ground to [...]

7 Golden Rules To Negotiation

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THERE ARE NO WINNERS OR LOSERS IN TRUE NEGOTIATIONS Think long term, not short term. You need each other (buyer & seller) on board to gain constructive, efficient completions. Trust is key. Be as open as practicable, only with full perspective can the entire view be seen. Always ‘Give-a-bit to Get-a-bit’. Losing a day at [...]

3 Quick Tips On Photography

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Take photos on a clear blue sky day. Move bins and child toys. Make sure that domestic pets are not in shot. Take cars/caravans off the drive. Try to get as much of the room in the photo as possible to show the size. Try to make the rooms look spacious, light and airy. Quality [...]

EPC Online

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EPC Online have been selected to join our Trusted Solution Providers and have committed to produce property EPC reports in no more than 24hrs from an application being received. So if you have owned your property for more than 10 years or you are unable to obtain an EPC report, all you need to do [...]

Lost your EPC?

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If you bought your property in the last 10 years, your EPC report is still valid. Unable to find a copy of your report, we're here to help! Simply send us your post code and one of our team will look up your property on the Landmark database, then send you your certificate - FREE [...]

Put The Coffee On …

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Often reputed by 'estate agents' as an ageing common ploy that is now seen as cheap - and non-rewarding. But psychologically speaking - popping on the coffee, tea or offering a drink is hugely rewarding to you as the seller on a much higher level. The buyer will feel instantly at ease upon the kind [...]

Light a fire…

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Not the first thing that might be on your mind in late spring or mid summer, but when we think of fire or see fire, we tend to either congregate around it, have a sense of security or gain well being from the warmth. So when you are selling, if you have a wood burner, [...]