You Kah Doo

Welcome to UcaDO

Introducing a fantastic opportunity to grow your business locally.  We are UcaDO, and we are  proud to be the:  

World’s first ‘Free-to-List’ intelligent Property App.

Quite simply, we offer a safe, secure and totally free way for anyone in the UK to sell or let their property.

Uniquely and more importantly - UcaDO offers local Trusted Solution Providers (Trades and services such as you) the opportunity to connect with local potential customers within the app to generate new business via targeted advertising.

Right now we are adding high quality local businesses for our launch this Summer. 

“Why wouldn’t we sign up! Being part of this App at this stage is very exciting, it could soon be people saying - are you on UcaDO ? , if not why not, are you not good enough ! -“
— Conveyancing Solicitor - ME

What can UcaDO do for you?

We are building a community of Trusted Solution Providers ( TSP’s) who are local, highly respected trade and service companies, like you; giving you access to all of the local customers who are selling and letting their properties ( and the customers looking to buy and rent!) and the chance to advertise your business to them at the right time in the sales process.

UcaDO have 50 TSP Categories with only 3 slots per Area available on offer to our trusted partners.

Join many other other highly rated and regarded local trade and service companies in your local region ready for our launch.

“What a brilliant new way to gain direct exposure to prospects at the right time of their - property - journey!”
— Mortgage Advisor - BS

How can UcaDO help you?

At UcaDO the unique, smart technology that we use within our digital app means we can make sure you get super targeted advertising to customers who will be looking for your services.

When a user moves through the app experience, we will deliver relevant, local and targeted advertising that is fully qualified and valuable.  For example when a user lists a property we will suggest a local trusted photographer to help create high quality images, or if a user makes an offer on a property we will suggest a local trusted mortgage company.

For less than 50p a day we are offering this highly targeted solution to a small number of highly respected companies such as yours.

“This is brilliant - why hasn’t anyone done this before. I love the way in which the app connects people .. it’s so social.”
— Cleaner - EX

our TSP community is growing every day!

Why join UcaDO today?

We believe that at UcaDO we are offering a great way to grow your business in 2018;

  • Our unique, smart technology will ensure your details are seen by plenty of potential customers every day who can contact you directly.

  • You will be joining many other highly rated and regarded local trade and service companies in your local region, creating a strong network of Trusted Solution Providers for our users.

  • For less than 50p a day we can ensure you are getting excellent value for money and highly targeted advertising.

Schedule a call with one of our trained agents to discuss the opportunity that UcaDO offers you and how you can join the ever increasing community of Trusted Solution Providers ( TSP’s). Or reserve your local post-code area today for only £39 to guarantee your place in the app from launch this summer.

I didn’t believe it! - but you were right - my company REALLY IS promoted to app users when they need me most - very clever!”
— Photographer - TN