How To Focus During Study Leave

When it comes to revising, we all have our own style. Some of us are laser-focused – only stopping to refuel and crack on for the next few hours. Some take the weekends off and others are notoriously (guilty 🙋🏻).

What’s your study style?

Whatever it is, we all need to avoid the same two things: under-preparing and burning out.

Feeling overworked and stressed is physically and emotionally draining – so it’s crazy that we often see this as a positive sign of ‘working hard’. The real goal is getting to the end of a revision period feeling healthy and energised. After all – are you really going to ace that exam when you go into it feeling exhausted?

So it’s really important to have a balanced routine whilst you’re revising. Here are a few suggestions to help you ramp up your study game.

Create your space

You’re about to spend the next two weeks with your head in books so it’s best to get comfy! Keep your study and chill out zones as separate as possible. If you’re studying from your room it’s tempting to plaster your walls with post-its and carpet your floor with papers, but try keep it to one area – you’ll be thankful when you get into bed without playing hopscotch.

Do: make sure that you have good lighting in your study corner so that you don’t end up squinting during the later nights.

Do something fun…

Write down 20 things you enjoy doing. They can take 5 minutes (make a coffee), to 1 hour (go to the gym), to half a day (go for lunch and a walk with a friend). When you know you need a break, pick something from the list and go and do it! You might feel like you’re bunking off, but productivity isn’t all about the hours. If you give your brain a rest and get active you’ll get more quality work done when you return.

Make a flexible timetable

It’s natural to be more productive during certain hours. So instead of setting a timetable with strict two-hour slots for every topic, it’s better to set guidelines and topics that you want to cover that day. Then try experimenting to find what works for you. Are you a morning person? If so, make the most of the early hours and tackle your most challenging topics.

Switch it up

Studying in the same spot can get old quickly and leave you searching for distractions. If this happens then try working from a local coffee shop, library, or if you’re tired of studying alone – go and study with a friend for the day. It’s amazing what a change of scene can do for your productivity.

So whether you’re currently relaxed at the start of your study break or you’re days away from your main exam – it’s not too late to change your tactic!! Good luck 🤓

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