Last week Save the Student gave us the low-down on student living conditions in the UK, in their National Student Accommodation Survey for 2019.

Their brilliantly upfront article is filled with helpful stats from over 2,000 students – such as the most expensive places in the UK to rent.

Plus comments where we learn everything from the shocking incidents that happen in some student housing, to the struggle some of you face to pay your rent on time.

“Students camped outside estate agents on 31st October waiting for houses to be released on the 1st November, but many good houses had already gone before the 1st.” – Save The Students

STS revealed that almost 1 in 5 students start looking for next year’s accommodation in November and the competition can get fierce.

The new way to bag your student digs…

UcaDO is the exciting new app that makes searching, viewing and booking your student digs super easy. Students say it’s “brilliantly simple to use” thanks to innovative tech.

You can chat directly with landlords, so there’s no going back and forth through agents, and no fees. Whether you’re looking with your mates or solo – we’ve got it covered.

Share boards

Let you invite your mates so you can all pin digs and compare and comment on your favourites.

Find your match

Advanced filters let you search criteria that really matter to you – then get notified every time there’s a match.

Build your credit

We’ve teamed up with Experian – so you build your credit rating every time you pay your rent.

We know that it can be pretty daunting finding a place to live – whether it’s the first time or the third or fourth! From helpful tips and guides to places to go in your area, we’re here to help you get the most out of your uni days.

It’s good to talk! Which is why we’ve got student ambassadors in each university who can answer any questions about your uni or the area.

Check out the UcaDO app and start your digs search today.