The UK’s first ever free-to-list, peer to peer property app has been launched on the App Store by UcaDO – the new property services marketplace.

How many times have you heard friends and family, colleagues and even friends of friends – questioning what their estate agent actually did for their money? Or complaining about fees they’ve paid upfront for no service at all? Or those hidden costs that suddenly spiral out of control? We’ve heard it too, more than we can count! It’s why UcacDO, the new must have one-stop-property services app, was founded by Will Crossley-Tinney, who has worked in many of the country’s leading, national and international estate agencies for over 20 years – seeing and experiencing all the pitfalls.

“With huge demand, a lack of supply, and growing mistrust, the UK property market is currently crumbling under the pressure, we want to provide people with another way. UcaDO allows you to gain control of your own transaction, saving you time and making the process entirely transparent.”
– Will Crossley-Tinney, Founder at UcaDO

Created by our team of professionals with industry knowledge of tech and property – UcaDO has all the essential tools and services needed before, during and after a transaction. UcaDO users can find all the local companies they need and take total control of their listing, sale or rental without having to hand over a single penny to an agent, portal or hybrid.

Instructing an agent to sell/let your property was once seen as the only way of getting your property to market, times have changed! With the advances in tech and over 5 billion people globally now owning a smartphone; marketplace economies have evolved, where peer-to-peer transactions have seen exponential growth, from selling & buying on eBay to booking a holiday home or an overnight stay through Airbnb, to sending money to a friend via Banking Apps; cutting out the “middle-man” and doing it yourself has become the new way.

So what’s involved in being in control of your own property sale or let? Very little at all as it turns out – listing your property on the app can be done in as little as 3 minutes and potential buyers/renters can message directly, book viewings and even make offers which can be accepted or declined in a single tap.

You’re not on your own! UcaDO provides step-by-step guides to take you through the sales or rental process. Every service, known as Trusted Solution Providers (TSPs for short), you need is at your fingertips are within the app, with over 53 categories and three highly rated and reviewed companies/trades & professionals – in each within your area. It’s also packed with TSPs to help you with everyday ‘home’ life, from childcare to plumbing – interior designers to hot tub providers – it’s all in one convenient and easy to use marketplace!

UcaDO is entirely free to use from downloading and registering to listing and selling, so download on the App Store today and give it a try for yourself – be part of the property services marketplace revolution.

Download the UcaDO app today and see for yourself.