It’s now really easy to add Floor Plans to any property listings you create with UcaDO.

When creating a new listing and after you have selected your property type i.e. Semi Detached House, simply enter the name of the Floor Plan you would like to add for example, “Ground Floor”. Then tap on the plus button, select the image from your photo library or simply take a picture of your printed plan and upload.

There is no restriction to the amount of plans you can add so if you listing a 3 story property with a cellar and an outbuilding for example, you can add all 5 plans if you choose.

Remember – the name you give the plan is the name which will be visible when your property is available in the market place. Users tap the floor plan icon from the property detail view to load the Floor Plan viewer which shows a tab for each plan.

If you don’t have any Floor Plans to upload when you list your property you can always add them later using the edit function. Don’t worry about users being shown a blank page, if you don’t have any plans uploaded the Floor Plan icon will not display for the property.

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